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Students need timesavers too!

Below you will find information about how to keep yourself organized while trying to learn at home. You can also check out how planners can be helpful for students, especially those of you in grade six and above.

Organize Yourself at Home – for Learning

Keeping yourself organized at home is not as easy as it looks, especially now that SCHOOL has moved home with you! Check out this video series about ways that will help you keep your sanity while still having time to do the things you want to do at home.

Staying Organized with a Student Planner

I have been making teacher plan books for several years now. Many times, students have seen these on teachers desks and asked with interest where they could get one for themselves. So, I developed one specifically for students! These are some of the conversations I’ve had with students about incorporating a planner into their life.

“I don’t need a planner.”

Many students I teach seem to think that that they don’t need to write anything down.  Because, of course … they will remember it!

However, how many times have you said to yourself, “I should write that down.”

   BUT you didn’t have anywhere to write it down. 

        So, then you immediately thought, “Eh, I’ll remember it.” 

            Then to go home and forget what it was that you were supposed to do!

comic about forgetting homework
shrug i don't know

That’s what I thought.

You’ve said it enough times that you should probably consider some kind of system for yourself that works.

I have so many students (who DO NOT use a planner) that have double booked a commitment at school with something going on at home. Or even two commitments at school!

This would have been far less likely to happen if they had a planner.

Even more students forget about games, matches, or rehearsals throughout the week. Then projects come due, and they hadn’t realized they would have two games scheduled on the nights leading up to the deadline. All of a sudden, they’re scrambling and staying up all night just to get it done on time. (Or worse yet … they have to turn it in late!)

Put events like this in your planner, then you can coach yourself to get the project done earlier knowing you will be busy right before your project is due.

Why it’s important to use a planner?

Well, first of all … if you haven’t figured out yet …

1. It makes your life easier! You don’t have to keep everything in your head.

2. Keeping yourself organized makes things less stressful. Some of us are the type of person that already stress about things that need to get done and writing it down helps us see the big picture.  Others of us want to make sure we do a good job all the time and a planner keeps things organized so that we don’t forget anything.

3. Having a system for keeping your life organized is proven to help lessen the stress of your daily life. Physically writing something down helps many people remember it more and more likely for it to come true. In a study done by Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at Dominican University in California, she found that out of 267 participants, 42% of them were more likely to achieve their goals just by writing them down.

4. I am sure many of you either already hold a leadership position or will someday. All of us want to be effective and respected when we are in these kinds of roles.  However, if you aren’t organized your team or organization will find it hard to have faith in what you are asking them to do.


Who could benefit from a planner?

College Students   If you are in college, you probably already know how important it is to keep your life organized since your schedule can be much less predictable than it was in high school. Not to mention the fact that people are less tolerable of lateness and “forgetfulness.”

High School Students If you are a busy student or like to be organized, you have probably already figured out how much a planner can make your life easier.

For those of you that still aren’t sure and think you can just keep it all in your head … good luck to you. But, maybe you should give it a try.

Keep reading …

Middle School Students  Even if you think your life isn’t “complicated” enough for a planner yet this is a GREAT time to get in the habit of using one. That way, when you get to high school it is second nature. Plus, if you plan out when you are going to get everything done, it will leave more time to hang out, or be with friends.

Systems that might work:

  • NOTES on scraps of paper, napkin, or tissues
  • NOTES in your phone (if you’re allowed to use it in class)
  • PLANNER issued by the school (only in some districts)
  • PLANNER from a store
  • DIGITAL (Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Evernote, etc.)


Whatever your choice – USE IT!

There are a lot of good options out there. 

Just be consistent and use it OFTEN.

I have a Chromebook or iPad … do I need a physical planner?

If you are good at checking your device all of the time to help you keep track of homework and other things you have to do, then probably not. And I will commend you for helping the environment in this way.

But I have talked with my students and they can’t always boot-up their Chromebook or get to their iPad app fast enough to write down the homework that their teacher is giving them in the last 2 minutes of class. So, what happens is they think they will just remember it. Then they get home (or sometimes even to their next class) and can’t remember what the teacher just asked them to do for class tomorrow.

  • Use a HYBRID = As a teacher, I write my lesson plans in digital form but keep the planning of those lessons in my physical planner. It’s easier for me to make changes throughout the day if I can just pick up a pencil and write it down. Especially when it comes time to reflect.

Remember, most of us need a place we can physically write things down. And besides, as I mentioned above, people tend to remember things better when they physically write them down.


What do your planners have that other planners don’t?

Our planners come customized just for YOU!

Your district calendar is BUILT-INTO the days of the week!

You can also choose to have your class schedule BUILT-INTO each block

There is a lot more space than other planners and it’s uncluttered

They are easy to use and come with repositionable tabs so you can find the important things you need throughout the day

They have a thin design, so it doesn’t take up too much room along with all of the other things you have to carry around.

There are lots of cover designs to choose from as well!

Still not sure?

See some testimonials from students below before you decide to “keep everything in your head.”

If you decide to bite the bullet and use a planner – whether it’s one from this site or not, REALLY give it a try. Don’t just buy a planner and then never pick it up again. Promise yourself that you will write down all of the important things you need to remember for the next 30 days and then re-evaluate if it has helped you.

If you’re still not sure, then commit to another 30 days. Take it slow. In the end, I think you will find that it helps with efficiency in your life. More efficiency leads to more time for other things, which sounds pretty good to me.

Having a planner has been so important in keeping me organized.

Reagan H.


I didn’t think I needed a planner, but now that I’ve added it to my routine, it is really helpful.

Braden K.

7th Grader

I couldn’t live without my planner. It keeps me from forgetting things and helps me manage my time efficiently.

Sarah H.

College Sophomore

Using a planner has tremendously made me more organized throughout the year. As a student with a heavy class load I find that having a planner helps me stay on top of my work and keep my grades up while participating in extracurricular activities like sports. I am able to get more of my work done in a certain period because I don’t forget some of it. It has also helped me to manage my time better. 

Overall I would 100% recommend a planner to anyone!

Sophie V.

H.S. Freshman


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